The Russian-Collusion story is the gift that keeps on giving.

We are 177 days into Donald Trump’s Presidency, and we are still talking about Russia… When does it end? Who really knows, besides Donald Trump himself. This is what the left says, and it is also what the right says; and for good reason. Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, in June of 2016. The meeting occurred as result of an email Donald Jr. received from a music publicist who claimed to have damning evidence against Hillary Clinton. The left is indicating that this may be a criminal offense. There are many reasons why it is not… And even more reasons why it points to previous criminality, and gross misuse of power…

To begin, Donald Trump Jr, as much as people want to say otherwise, was a private citizen at the time, and he continues to be one to this day. Is it illegal to meet with a Russian? No, because if it were, then every single individual who has ever met with a Russian would be breaking the law… This is simply not true. Furthermore, in order for a law to have been broken, Donald Trump Jr. would have had to be attempting to form some sort of foreign policy decision based solely on this one meeting. This also is not the case. As a matter of fact, the meeting was supposed to be about dirt on the Clinton campaign. (As if we needed any more dirt on Hillary Clinton… Or anyone *cough*John Podesta, Huma Abedin*cough* in her inner circle…) It turns out, once the meeting took place, the only matter actually discussed was regarding the ban on adoption of children from Russia. This hatches an entirely different topic, The Magnitsky Act.

The Magnitsky Act is a ban on adoption of Russian children. Sergei Magnitsky was a Russian lawyer and auditor who unearthed a web of tax fraud involving 23 companies and roughly $230 million linked to the Kremlin and several individuals close to the government. Magnitsky was the target of several investigations and was arrested by authorities. Due to cruel confinement conditions, such as a lack of medical support, he eventually died “under mysterious circumstances” while in jail, only days before his possible release. Investigators, independent from others, found that his isolation from family, lack of regular access to his lawyers, and the intentional refusal of adequate medical support resulted in pain and suffering which led to his death. In 2012, as retaliation to this mistreatment, then President Barack Obama signed the Magnitsky Act. The act blocked 18 Russian government officials and businessmen from entering the U.S. and froze assets held by U.S. banks. The act also banned their future use of U.S. banking systems. In 2016, the act was expanded to apply sanctions to 44 suspected human rights abusers worldwide. The act’s official title is “Russia and Moldova Jackson-Vanik Repeal and Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012” but is shortened to The Magnitsky Act. Two weeks after Obama signed this act into law, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill that blocked the adoption of Russian children by parents in the U.S. Russia later imposed sanctions on individuals close to Magnitsky. They also found Magnitsky guilty of crimes posthumously.

As soon as this adoption matter arose, and it was made apparent that there was no dirt to be found from this meeting, Don Jr. and the other individuals in the meeting simply lost interest and nothing further was discussed… Now, let’s discuss what this all means. The left is jumping at this, screaming collusion, when in fact there was no collusion taking place. Even if ‘sanctions’ were discussed, Don Jr., as a private citizen, is more than legally allowed to discuss them. Here is where the fun part begins… Why was General Flynn in trouble? Allegedly discussing sanctions, correct? Okay… And when he allegedly discussed sanctions, was he a private citizen? No, he was a nominee for Trump’s cabinet. Prior to this, General Flynn apparently went to Russia in 2015, on Obama Administration orders, and was paid for a speech. This is what is being investigated, because laws may have been broken! So why are they so concerned about a meaningless, wholly legal meeting, between a random Russian lawyer and a private citizen, Donald Trump Jr.? Does this mean that if I, a private citizen, were to meet with a Russian and discuss adoption or lack thereof due to the Magnitsky Act, would be found guilty of some sort of crime? No. As a matter of fact, the Russian lawyer and at least one other individual from this meeting had spent substantial time in the halls of Congress, right here in the United States, discussing the same exact issue with none other than our very own, democratically elected, Congressional Representatives. By the left’s logic, we must now convict ALL of them of the same ‘crime’ that they feel Donald Jr. has committed…

This is, in itself, the biggest nothing-burger the left has found since Trump took office. Yet here they are, trying to make something out of nothing…

So now you might ask me, “Shane, what the hell is the point of all of this?” And my response is as follows…

Had you ever heard of the Magnitsky Act? Have you ever given this topic any attention? Probably not… Well now it is time. It is also time to ask some very important questions of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. One question might be in regards to the Uranium One deal that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and then President Barack Obama made with Russia. Uranium One, in the simplest explanation, allowed Russia to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, giving Putin control of one-fifth of the uranium production capacity in the United States. I want to reiterate that, since at first glance it only sounds like a business deal… URANIUM. Among other uses, Uranium is used by the military to power nuclear submarines and in nuclear weapons. NUCLEAR WEAPONS. Not to be mistaken for Plutonium, Uranium is still an essential ingredient in the creation of nuclear weaponry. If Russia is as huge an enemy as we are led to believe they are, why on Earth was our government giving production control to them!? Oh but wait, there’s more… What did Hillary Clinton have to gain from this deal?

Uranium One was extremely grateful for this deal, so the chairman of the company gave the Clinton Foundation a total of $2.35 million. Hillary was still a government employee at the time, so she had Bill Clinton cash a $500,000 check from a Moscow bank DIRECTLY tied to the Russian Government… Wait, is that collusion?

If nothing else, this is another trap card played by Trump. Bringing more attention to the casual misuse of power by the former administration and former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton. The best part is that the left is playing this card for him, in that he didn’t even have to try to bring attention to the issue. They are bringing the attention to it all by themselves, so long as they keep playing into the trap that is the Russian-Collusion Conspiracy.

Ben Garrison Cartoon for Featured Image

Stefan Molyneux, A Literal Genius

Bullshit Left-Wing Conspiracy Garbage

Uranium One Connection

Some Information about Uranium


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