Islam is not bad, so long as it is by itself. There, I said it.

Islam is one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted religions to ever exist. Most historians believe Islam originated in Mecca and Medina around the beginning of the 7th century. Technically, Islam began in 610 CE, when Muhammad began receiving what Muslims consider “divine revelations”. The origins and history of Islam would take me about 10 hours to type out, and I simply do not have the time for it. I implore you to do your own research, and even dive into some scripture within the Quran. I say this because I will be covering some specifics of the Quran in this post, and while I feel my understanding of Islam is good enough to write about it, very many people will disagree with my perspective. I will include various links below which I found useful to learn what Islam is really about. Check them out, learn for yourself!

Now, before I continue… Some will argue that I am confusing traditional Islam and radical Islam. That is incorrect. Traditional Islam is practiced in predominantly Muslim nations, and it is every bit as oppressive as “right-wing” media tells you it is. In Afghanistan, our interpreters often admitted that they practiced a watered-down version of Islam, claiming they felt strong about the positive traditions, but also realized how disconnected from reality much of the religion is. They understand that the religion either needs reform or reconstruction. That being said, the same people told us they wish their was a way their friends and family could see the West thru their eyes. They worked with us, often protecting us from the dangers of what had overcome their once peaceful nation. Now, I will refer to radical Islam as just Islam from here on out. No, I am not Islamophobic, and neither are you. We are awake to the clear and present danger it can pose if our fellow Americans do not realize how incompatible it is with Western culture.

Let’s get religious… Yes, there are many similarities between Christianity and Islam. Yes, Islam is, at it’s very core, a religion of peace. But herein lies the problem! Islam’s idea of “peace” is very different than mine personally, and that of the entire (Okay, most… Hello, half of Europe…) Western world. Islam requires “Peace thru Submission”. Now, this sounds very bad at first glance, but submission in Islam does not mean what you think it does. Submission in Islam means to behave naturally, or to submit to the natural course of life. Let us dissect that… So, men are usually physically stronger than women, right? No, you cannot deny this because it offends you. Physically, men are usually stronger. Well, Islam agrees!
*Insert image of Feminist heads exploding*
Image result for image of feminist heads exploding

In Islam, anything that is natural in life, is what goes. This is why in Islam, we see many things that are simply due to basic human nature. Are some good things rooted in basic human nature? Sure, but an equal number of bad things are as well… The best way to explain this is thru nature itself. So, a tree grows in a particular direction. If anything unnatural impedes the growth of that tree, there cannot be peace, for it is no longer natural. This is why Islam is the “religion of peace”, unless, of course, it is impeded…

This really explains the entire ideology, and why it does not mesh with the Western world. In the West, we have put in place laws and regulations to limit “natural” human nature that might restrict societal growth. Greed, basic instinct and power have been limited in order to achieve a comprehensive and dignified society. In order to practice true Islam, one must commit to the natural will of God. According to the teachings of Muhammad, the will of God is quite invasive in ones life. Is this a bad thing? No, so long as you and everyone around you feels exactly the same. This is extremely important to note, because it is the undertone of this post. How can a group of people assimilate into Western society, if assimilation requires the West to literally hold the same belief system? Short answer, it can’t.

Assimilation is literally impossible for those who practice true Islam. Unfortunately, trying to explain this to anyone on the left is pointless. The narrative that has been pushed is that we must embrace multiculturalism and allow assimilation of those who practice Islam. As I stated above, this is literally impossible, assuming those people are practicing true Islam. So how do we work around this problem? Sure the easy way out would be to simply not let them in, right? Well, we’re a little too late for that one. Since 1991, the U.S. has taken in over 25 million immigrants from the Muslim world. Were all of them of the Islamic faith? No, of course not. Were most of them? Well, I would think that is a fair assumption according to immigration statistics. (Statistics provided in links below)

Another reason Islam cannot assimilate is due to the separation of Church and State, and Freedom of Religion. In order for Islam to truly be a viable religion, it requires others to abide by the same rules. Nobody can criticize Islam, nobody can speak out against Islam. If you leave Islam, you deserve death. These are fundamentally wrong within our Democracy. Our freedoms include the ability to criticize, love, hate, appreciate, accept, deny, etc… In Islam, there is all of these things but only in the name of Islam.

So what is the answer? Too many people are upset about kicking them out, and an equal number will not allow common sense solutions like *cough* the travel ban *cough*… In the UK, the answer has been prayers, candle light vigils, hashtags and MORE refugees. In France, the answer has been Facebook profile picture overlays, multicultural education, hashtags and, again, MORE refugees. The past five terror attacks in the UK have been committed by known terrorists, three of which were refugees. (four actually, but they called one of them a “British” asylum seeker…)

At this point, I know of at least two solutions, and you probably do too. Problem now is that we are not allowed to say it. I can’t go on television and state “Islam is unable to assimilate, we must stop immigration.” If I do, I will be labeled “Islamophobic”. From what you’ve read here, do I sound Islamophobic? I stated that it is a “religion of peace” according to Islamic teachings, but only if you and everyone around you practices it. No person who practices Islam is inherently bad. The religion itself, at its core, is not bad. Misinterpretation of Islam is on a global scale, and it is affecting a huge portion of the worlds population. Does this sound Islamophobic?


What does ‘Islam’ mean?

“Peace Thru Submission”

A *modified* History of Islam

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