No matter what side you are on, you need to read this. Understand what you are up against, and understand that YOU might be on the wrong side of history…

I am going to keep this short and sweet, because if you are following current events, you don’t need the fine details all over again…

Seth Rich was murdered, and the DNC did their best to cover it up. The cover up is the Russian election hacking narrative, accompanied by the Trump-Russia collusion narrative.

The Russian story was planted on purpose. Louise Mensch led her followers down that path to nothingness on purpose. The real collusion is between the Clinton Foundation and Russia, and the real crimes are pay-to-play, money laundering, and illegal surveillance of US citizens. Allow me to explain…

Remember when the left was demanding a special prosecutor for the Trump-Russia story? Remember when they would yell and scream, “If you have nothing to hide, why not come clean and investigate? Get to the bottom of it!?” Do you remember this? I know you do…

Well, now it comes full circle. Now we see these people eat their own words. The play was so good, that the left’s own supporters made our argument for us. There is literally no reason not to fully investigate the murder of Seth Rich.

The best part? They are already caught. This story is already over. Mueller was never meant for Trump-Russia collusion… He was meant for the Russian probe, and no matter where it leads… Right now the distraction for the left lies in Jared Kushner. His Russian links will either lead to dead ends as usual, or his removal from the Trump Administration (Many on the right are calling this a win-win, since Kushner has ties to George Soros.)

Now, what else will this “Russian probe” bring to light? Perhaps the crimes of the Clinton Foundation? Maybe we will find the real story behind the Seth Rich murder… Where is the CCTV footage from the crime scene? Why hasn’t the bartender been investigated for his part? Why did he visit the White House a week after the murder? Why did Donna Brasil tell DC Police not to investigate? Why did Debbie Wasserman Schultz threaten DC Police over the Awan brother laptop? What was on that laptop? Why didn’t they want to give it back? What is the DC Police hiding?

All of this and still, the left will cry and moan about Trump and never care to find the real answers to the story… This is so sad… But fear not, because justice is coming. Justice for Seth Rich, justice for Trump, and justice for America. No longer will we be undermined by the elite. The time for truth has come!


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